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Fibonacci: Our Personal Savior

In Homework 2 we peaked into the world of Fibonacci to create the Fibonacci sequence. I wanted to expand just a little on this to show how prevalent those numbers are in nature. I wrote my blog in R and … Continue reading

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R- Evolutionary relationships, non-independence and correlation…

In this blog entry, I would like to share my experience with R and data analysis. A few months back I developed a keen interest in the relatively recent development of NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) data analysis. Subsequently, I decided … Continue reading

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Reporting Uncertainty

In chapter 6, Silver discusses the reporting (or lack thereof) of uncertainty in prediction. He points out that failure to report uncertainty can have potentially catastrophic outcomes. For example, a weather service in North Dakota forecasted that after a snow-heavy … Continue reading

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To know everything about one statistical test, or little more than nothing about every statistical test….

I’d like to contrast the different ways that statistics instructors approach data analysis with those applied by researchers using statistical methods to ask specific questions of their data.  I previously took undergraduate statistics, and then two semesters of graduate-level coursework. … Continue reading

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The Relativity of Perception

My favorite chapter in Nate Silver’s “The Signal and the Noise” thus far is definitely the chapter on weather forecasting. In this chapter, Silver discusses how over the last 25 years, we have become much better at predicting the weather. … Continue reading

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Making Noise (or hopefully trying not to!)

As a first year graduate student, I am being asked to think about data in all sorts of new ways.  As I am sure some of my classmates can relate to, and the rest may remember the feeling, it seems … Continue reading

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Embracing chaos…

It’s chapter 5 of The Signal and the Noise and for the first time we learn that 1) something can’t be predicted, and 2) Nate Silver doesn’t have his own algorithm to do so. When forecasting earthquakes it seems that … Continue reading

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