R: Open Source Software at its finest.

When we were talking about how anyone can make packages yesterday in class it made me realize how user intrinsic R really is. It’s very rare that you get a software that is used by fortune 500 companies(companies like Pfizer and Bank of America use it) that is free for anyone to use and learn.  The good thing about R being an open source program is that anyone can modify to fit their specific needs.  If you need to modify it for a specific fantasy football league I’m sure there is way to do it . If you need it to analyze speech patterns, I’m sure a chunk of code can allow that to happen.
What is also great about R is using different packages to analyze data in a different way. There is a good chance that whatever you are analyzing or questioning, someone else already has for you. Because R is open source , you can use that persons work to help your own research. This is rare in research since a lot of methodology isn’t shared from peer to peer. Maybe it’s a generational shift . But it is a welcome change in the research community.
This was a really random post which I guess most of the post on this blog will be , I just really appreciate a user based program that can affect people from all backgrounds.  What do you guys think about it?  Maybe I’m the kid in the schoolyard who stands in the corner and just looks at a rock during recess but something like this seems to be a shift in the right direction for communal research.


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1 Response to R: Open Source Software at its finest.

  1. lficarra says:

    I think it is funny that computers were command-line driven when they first came around. Back then, the future was in graphical user interfaces. Now, in a time of graphical user interfaces, command-lines are the new future.

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