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Slides with Knitr and Slidify

So, for those of you using knitr in the class, you may be feeling pretty good about R Markdown. You may want to even start using it more broadly, say, for making slides with lots of analyses. Previously you had … Continue reading

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So no cleaning my kitchen today….

First of all, I must say that I’d be pretty damn impressive if a 93 year old man weighing 700 pounds could run a mile in negative time and lift half a ton.  I’d argue that the mile thing could … Continue reading

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I may not need to be terrified of O’Hara anymore

So I have to admit, after reading O’Hara 2009, How to make models add up- a primer on GLMMs, I was about ready to give up. I was thinking to myself that it was all just gibberish and that I’d … Continue reading

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More Themes with ggthemes

Tired of the same old ggplot2 themes, and want to spice it up a bit? Then try out the ggthemes package, currently on github. You can make your graph look Tufte-ian, solarized, like it came from Stata, formatted for the … Continue reading

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